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Emotional Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry After a Car Accident

Having a beautiful smile is fantastic, and it’s what our patients and team at Southern California General & Cosmetic Dentistry strive for. In stressful times, it may seem less important to have a beautiful smile, especially after a car accident when there are more immediate health concerns. It’s normal to prioritize the things that are most important to you. It’s also important to highlight the benefits you can experience if you decide to have cosmetic dental work to correct and enhance the appearance of your smile after an accident. 

Why cosmetic dentistry?

Experiencing a car accident or injury of any kind can be a traumatic moment. It can disrupt your life, and it may take you some time to recover. An accident can also cause you to chip or lose a tooth, a filling, and even damage your jaw.  

Cosmetic dentistry is an opportunity to reverse the damage caused to your smile, and restore your confidence. Whether the fix is small or large, corrective cosmetic treatments can do wonders for your emotional recovery. 

The psychological impact of cosmetic dentistry

Harm to your smile doesn’t just cause physical strain, it can affect you psychologically in many ways. People who believe they have bad teeth commonly experience low self-esteem, low confidence levels, and depression. Furthermore, concerns about your appearance can cause you to avoid social situations and experience trouble in your love life. While your appearance isn’t everything, having a positive body image is important to exhibiting more confidence in social and professional interactions. 

Having chipped or missing teeth can also cause you to stop eating some of the foods you enjoy. It can affect the way you speak, or your ability to properly clean your teeth, leading to further oral complications. Correcting these dental problems after an accident can prevent further complications and offer significant relief for your oral and mental health. 

Types of cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is generally meant to enhance the appearance of your teeth by whitening, reshaping, or adjusting their alignment. We use several tools to correct dental problems such as clear aligners, veneers, bridges, crowns, and dental implants. While some treatments can correct teeth in one session, others take a few trips to our office to achieve the desired results. The prices for these treatments can vary based on your need and Dr. Fait will come up with a plan that meets your budget. 

Make an appointment

When getting cosmetic treatment, it’s important you go with a dentist you trust. Schedule a consultation with our team Southern California General & Cosmetic Dentistry by calling our office or by booking online

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