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8 Reasons to Consider Professional Teeth Whitening

We’ve all seen the billboards, the magazine ads, the TV commercials where everyone’s smiling, having a great time, and they all have perfect pearly-white teeth. For most of us, that gleaming white smile isn’t a reality, but with professional teeth whitening it can be.

At Southern California General & Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Ryan J. Fait offers customized in-office professional teeth whitening services to enhance your natural smile. In fact, teeth whitening can create such a dramatic difference in your appearance, you may find yourself smiling more than you ever have.

If you’re still not sure whether teeth whitening is right for you, consider the following eight reasons to explore this fast and painless procedure:

1. Professional teeth whitening is safe and effective

While there are countless products on the market that claim to whiten your teeth, there’s nothing as effective as in-office professional whitening performed by an experienced dentist.

Dr. Fait takes advantage of the latest advancements in teeth whitening technology, creating a custom treatment plan to brighten your smile. He takes measures to ensure your gums and teeth are well protected throughout your treatment, something you can’t guarantee with off-the-shelf whitening systems.

2. Get an instant boost of self-confidence

When your teeth are less than perfect, your self-esteem can take a hit. You may even hide your smile out of embarrassment. Professional teeth whitening can instantly increase your personal satisfaction with your appearance. With whiter, brighter teeth, you’ll feel better about your overall appearance and you won’t be shy about showing off that smile.

3. Make a great first impression

Whether you have a job interview or a blind date on your calendar, a gleaming white smile can help you make the best first impression. You can feel more confident meeting that potential boss or special someone knowing your teeth look healthy and you look happy.

4. Take years off your face

Gray or yellowed teeth can age your face, making you look older than your years. Dr. Fait can whiten your teeth several shades, helping you look much younger. With just a few treatments, you can have the white, bright teeth you had in your youth, without pain or downtime.

5. Erase tough stains

If you enjoy your morning coffee or nightly glass of wine but aren’t exactly fond of the stains these beverages leave behind, professional teeth whitening can help. In-office whitening can remove those deep-down stains, brightening your enamel.

6. Improve your oral hygiene habits

When your teeth are shiny and bright, it can be a great motivator to keep them that way. Once Dr. Fait improves the whiteness of your teeth, you’ll want to keep them in the best condition possible with regular brushing, flossing, and routine checkups.

7. Take great selfies

Browse through your old photographs and you may notice how dull and yellow your teeth appear. With professional teeth whitening, your whiter teeth will not only shine through in person, you’ll notice the dramatic difference in your smile with each selfie you take or in every picture from your night out with friends.

8. Prepare for that big event

If you’re preparing for a wedding, class reunion, or a black-tie gala, professional teeth whitening can turn your smile into the perfect accessory to your dress or tuxedo. You’ll feel ready to smile with confidence at every relative and old friend.

Professional teeth whitening is a simple solution to a common problem. If you can relate to the embarrassment and frustration that often accompany less-than-white teeth, call Dr. Fait at Southern California General & Cosmetic Dentistry or book a consultation online.

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